Mother and Two Daughters Necklace Set

  • $89.50



This set comes with 1 mother necklace and two daughters' necklaces.  The hand stamped pattern on the disc and charms is intricate and adds charming detail to this collection.  This item will arrive in a beautiful gift box.  Please indicate if separate gift boxes are preferred. 

  • Mother's necklace:
    Pendant is gold filled. It is 1".
    Gold filled necklace
  • Daughter's necklace:
    The small heart pendant is gold filled and cuts out from the mother pendant. It is about 3/8" x 3/8".
    Gold filled necklace

Size chart - Necklace
average 0-24months 10" or 12"
average 2-3 years 13"
average 4-5 years 14"
average 5-10 years 15"or 16"


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